Easy Friendship Bracelet

Friendship is something that is not bound by the words or the shallowness of give and take. It is a feeling and sensitivity that goes beyond material things. However, sometimes it's nice to have something like a day of friendship with friendship groups and friendship bracelets to reaffirm and strengthen friendship. You can always go buy friendship bracelets, but if you do it yourself, it's very rewarding and will be evaluated by your friend most of the real wristband. So what do you think? Can we take a look at simple patterns friendship bracelet?

Very easy Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Bracelet with safety pins

Okay, pearl bracelets make a great piece of easy friendship bracelet patterns, so this model requires the beads and safety pins. Take a look at how to do it.

• Open a safety pin and a string in a ball of gold, then a blue pearl, gold pearl blue pearl over and over.

• Close the pin and Snipe pliers, squeeze the head to keep it closed permanently.

• Preparation of 25-pin with a blue light and 25-pin grains with dark blue beads.

• Cut a piece of elastic beads of 2 feet and fold in half.

• String the first hairpin by threading one end of the elastic through the coil of the spindle and the other end into the head of a pin.

• Contact other should be placed with the head pointing in the opposite direction.

• the operation of a leash, alternating directions on how the legs are attached.

• A simple trick is to 4 strings of a color, then 4 in the second.

• In this way the channel, all 50 pins so that the final number may vary due to wrist size.

• Within the rubber band, slide the pins.

• At the time, cut the elastic and then put the pins to form a loop.

• Finally, tie the ends and cut if necessary.

Wire bracelets

This is a very simple design made with the help of e-beads, yarn and craft scissors. That's how easy friendship bracelet patterns with a wire.

• 10-inch cut five pieces of craft wire.

• Then, twist them together and string a pearl at each end.

• Shape the ends, then cut the extra cable wire.

• Gently bend the necessary adjustments to the wrist.

Belle Bead Bracelets

Children will enjoy this and it is one of the easy friendship bracelet patterns of children. Let's see how this bracelet.

• What you need for this bracelet is 4 mm, faceted beads, beads of 4 mm gold or silver, pearl and white elastic adhesive.

• Take a flexible trim and cut a piece of 12 cm.

• At one end a double knot.

• Use white glue to one end of the drives.

• Choose two or more colors of faceted glass beads.

• Now gold beads alternating or silver chain, faceted beads on elastic.

• Continue until the chain is long enough to fit on your wrist.

• Connect with a double knot and finally the trim near the node.

Learn more about how to make a bracelet.

Embroidery floss bracelets

These friendship bracelets embroidery thread and are quite large and friendship bracelets. To make this type of bracelet, you need scissors, embroidery thread, clipboards, grains and benchmarks. Here is the modus operandi -

• Choose two contrasting colors of silk embroidery of the bracelet.

• Cut 3-inch 27-thread and the colors that you get 6 of each.

• by clipping on a clipboard, secure the edges of the node.

• Keep to the right color and 3 different colored thread left.

• Part 3: Now take the left, wrap up and down in one part of the right.

• This is your cycle.

• Pull the loop properly by a single node.

• Take also 3 zones on the right and do the same thing you did with the son on the left.

• To do this until you get the required length, then hold the ends together and knot.

• Stop cuff, trim the edges about an inch in length.

Voila! Congratulations! You just these bracelets patterns friendship bracelet easy. Learn more about how to make friendship bracelets.

There are many more models of this type, because when it comes to bracelets, there are no rules! Imagination and creativity is the key!