Best Friend Bracelets

Best friend bracelets are not a new concept. The practice of giving or exchanging friendship bracelets began in the United States in the 1970s. In the 1980s, handmade woven friendship bracelets were all the rage. You can find detailed instructions demonstrating how to create intricate woven best friend bracelets following elaborate patterns with dazzling colors all over the internet. Although that trend is still seeing some action, today a lot of friends are announcing their ties by purchasing ready-made jewelry for their friends. These bracelets take many forms and styles, but the sentiment is the same. Either way, the purchase of the friendship bracelet is to show the friendship that has endured ups and downs and withstood the test of time.

Best friend bracelets are a way to convey your affection and sentiment for that one special friend in your life that you just can’t imagine not having around. Your bond is so close and so tight that you just can’t help yourself from having a physical symbol to represent it.

These jewelry pieces can be best friend charm bracelets, leather bracelets with a metal piece printed with a name or a phrase, silver best friend bracelets, a cuff bracelet, or even a beaded bracelet. You might buy two of the same best friend bracelet so that each of you wear a matching one on your wrist. You might purchase a set of halves that each of you wear. The charm best friend bracelet is a timeless, thoughtful gift. You would pick out the actual bracelet itself, the clasp, and at least the initial charm, which should have something to do with friendship or best friends. You friend can add charms to it over time, or she might get charms as gifts. Or perhaps you will vow to add to her charms over time.

If you opt to construct a traditional best friend bracelet, you can find instructions online. Or you can visit your local craft store where you can find printed instructions, booklets, and even classes showing you different options. The concept behind these knotted and woven friendship bracelets is that you wear them until they literally fall off of your arm. The best friend bracelet in this style is constructed solely of thread and possibly some beads. There are no metal fasteners.

Instead, the woven friendship bracelet is tied on tightly and the fibers wear over time. The idea is that you don’t tie the bracelet on until you can commit to wearing it around the clock. (So if you had some important formal event where it would be inappropriate to be wearing such an item, you wouldn’t don the bracelet until afterwards.) You wear this best friends bracelet in the shower, swimming, and while sleeping. A bit of mystique surrounding this type of friendship bracelet is that the person receiving it gets to make a wish.

When these best friend bracelets wear off naturally, the wish will come true. Make sure and choose your colors of embroidery thread carefully. You may want to consider your best friend’s favorite colors as your picks.